Marketing Tips + Diversity in Advertising

LaBrandon (pictured), @la.brandon


LaBrandon "LB" | Founder, Marketing Noire

I started blogging as a hobby in undergrad to fulfill my interest in journalism.  Amazed at how a blog could connect people from all over the world who had a common interest, I previously published across two sites, Quick's Catch Up and Need Culture, to spark a unique dialogue about pop culture.  

A lot has changed in the eight years since I published my first blog post. Primarily, my appetite for tracking the happenings of celebrities has disappeared. 

As I build a career as a marketing professional, I am becoming more curious about diversity within the marketing and ad industry. How does advertising represent a changing America? Are leading advertising professionals diverse in both their work experiences and cultural backgrounds? 

On Marketing Noire, I will share marketing tips and highlight diversity in advertising - from the creative to the talent behind the creative.