Omar Johnson - Apple's Exiting VP, Marketing

Omar Johnson - Apple's Exiting VP, Marketing

10/10/2016 - Omar Johnson is winding down his dual service as Apple's Vice President, Marketing and as the Chief Marketing Officer for the Apple-acquired Beats. Agency Spy reports that Johnson will step down from both roles at the top of November. 

Johnson hails from Brooklyn, NY and completed both undergrad and b-school in the South at Georgia State University and Emory. Before helping usher in the cultural phenomenon of Beats, Omar was a successful Brand Manager for companies including Nike and Campbell Soup. In fact, Johnson contributed to Nike's classic "Three Rings" spot featuring LeBron and Kobe muppets: 

After six years with Beats (two with Apple), Johnson publicly announced his departure from his current roles in a heart-felt LinkedIn post titled Dear Best Marketing Team on the Planet.

It's unclear what Omar's next move is, but based on his resume its safe to assume it will be major!  Follow Omar on Twitter and Instagram.  

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