Top Model Revamp Helps Banks Push Tyra Beauty

Top Model Revamp Helps Banks Push Tyra Beauty

Tyra Banks leveraged the Season 23 premiere of America's Next Top Model (ANTM) to promote Tyra Beauty - her growing cosmetics and beauty brand. During her meeting with the contestants, Tyra explains why she is stepping away from ANTM to focus on Tyra Beauty - because she's always wanted to be her own boss. Watch below:  

After Tyra's motivational speech, the show took a commercial break and the first commercial that aired was Tyra Beauty's "Heart":  

Tyra Banks not only co-created America's Next Top Model, but she hosted the modeling competition for an impressive 22 seasons over 15 years! When the CW canceled the show in 2015, it wasn't long before it was brought back to life by VH1 with a new panel of judges and a new host. Tyra stayed on as executive producer. 

Tyra Beauty seems to be doing well. Earlier this year, Banks introduced a lineup of face cleansing products which shows growth. However, there have been several reports that the sales side of Tyra Beauty is a pyramid scheme. Tyra Beauty has independent sales representatives, called Beautytainers, who can make commission from selling products and recruiting other Beautytainers. 

Pyramid scheme accusations aside, I'm looking forward to seeing how Tyra continues to leverage her ANTM platform to raise awareness and sales for Tyra Beauty. 


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